Swim Diaper

Ready to take baby for a swim? Before you blow up baby's swimmies, strap on a swim diaper. Babies should wear swim diapers in the pool. Swim diapers used to prevent spreading germs throughout the pool. It's important not to spread infections and germs to other people and other babies! Swim diapers can be washed and reused but many parents prefer disposable swim diapers, especially on vacations or days at the beach. If you don't use disposable swim diapers, you will need to take your baby top a restroom to clean out him/her and the diaper. If you use disposable, you could probably just change baby right on the beach. However, reusable swim diapers could be cheaper in the long run, depending on how many trips to the beach you take. Or how many vactions for that matter! Huggies makes disposable swim diapers and they are called Little Swimmers. You can buy swim diapers in bulk at Costco. Or look for them at your local supermarket!