Diaper Bag for Mom

A diaper bag must be compact enough to carry along with you and to gain access easily.

As a new mom ventures out of her house on her own with her child she usually over packs for the first few outings. Until she gets the confidence in knowing what she really needs to have with her at all times.

Most diaper bags are usually not very stylish. At first you think you want the stylish bag, but as times goes on it is really unimportant. A new mom wants convenience. The days of having your stylish hand bag are out the window when becoming a new mom. It's all about getting everything you need inside the bag which goes with you everywhere.

Some moms will have 2 diaper bags for the matter of convenience. You do not want any relative messing up your diaper bag. You will give the sitter, relative, or even the new dad their own diaper bag so that if your bag is missing something for your next outing you will not be resentful over your missing item.

A must have diaper bag will have a thermal pocket on the outside to keep your bottle cold for those hot summer days and have an item to keep the bottle warm on a cold winter day.

It will also have plenty of hooks to link your keys and cell phones, and a place to keep your wallet. For the new moms who want to look as trendy as possible, you don't want to classify yourself as a mall mom, but the fact is your diaper bag becomes your new pocket book for the first year of your child's' life. You want your diaper bag to have plenty of pockets for all of your necessities. You want the bag to fit over your shoulder so that it is along enough to access while holding your child or changing your child on a changing table outside of the house.

You don't want to lug the diaper bag on your shoulder along with your new bundle of joy. You want that diaper bag to become part of your stroller/carriage. You need free arms and hands at all times.

A new mom will pay top dollar for convenience an average cost of a diaper bag is $50-$100 and well worth the cost. The bag must be slightly oversized to fit diapers at least three, changing pad, wipes, a toy, bottle, snacks, your own bottle of water and your wallet. There is a great diaper bag from One step ahead that I purchased and was such a great product that I buy it for any new expectant moms. It was a bag designed by a new mom.