Baby Diaper Cake Ideas

Baby Diaper cakes are pleasing to the eye and the new Mom! Diaper cakes can be extremely beneficial to a new Moms and Dads. A baby diaper cake is usually one, two or three layers, depending on the amount of baby diapers used in creating the cake. Other little trinkets can be dispersed throughout the layers of the cake, such as rattles, teething rings, bottles, and any other baby toys you can dream up! You can purchase diaper cakes but making one allows those creative juices to flow.

Baby diapers, cloth or disposable, are the key ingredients! Usually 15-40 diapers are needed for this project, depending on how many layers you want the cake to be. Some other items you would need are: 2 baby towels, a baby bottle, 3 diaper pins, baby trinkets to decorate the cake, 1 roll of colored curling ribbon, and one toy to top the cake (stuffed animal, etc.).

If you are making a three layer cake, for which you will need 40 baby diapers, the bottom should be the biggest. Start by wrapping baby diapers around baby bottle and secure with scotch tape. Continue to roll the diapers around themselves until you have used 20 diapers. You can use scotch tape to secure them together. Repeat this step for the second layer except only use 15 baby diapers and for the third use 5 baby diapers.

Fold a baby towel to match the width of the bottom diaper cake layer and wrap around. Secure with a diaper pin. Do the same for the second layer. Wrap a burp cloth around the top layer of the cake.

Wrap the curing ribbon around the three layers of the cake and decorate with items for the baby. Top the diaper cake with a stuffed animal and viola! You have made a baby diaper cake! Keep in mind you can play around with how big or small the layers are-or how many layer you want for that matter!