Popular Baby Names

Every year in the United States, many surveys are taken to see what the most popular American baby names are. These surveys include popular girl names and popular boy names from the previous calendar year, and projections for what the most popular baby girl name and the most popular baby boy name might be. These can be deduced from seeing multiple previous years results as the names don't seem to deviate much from what their norm is.

The most popular baby name for 2004 for boys was Jacob. In fact, some surveys have Jacob as the first chosen name of boys for the last 5 years, with Michael coming in second place for the last 5 years as well. The most popular baby name in 2004 for girls was Emily, followed by Emma. Emily and Emma were also the most popular baby girl name of 2003, 2002, and 2001, according to some surveys.

Some other popular baby names for 2004 and previous years are Tyler, Isabella, Joseph, Sarah, Sophia, James, Kayla and Brianna. These are some of the names that have appeared on the most popular baby names list consistently for the last 5 years.

Some popular baby names for 2005 for twin babies are Christian and Christopher, Madison and Morgan, Hailey and Hannah, Nathan and Nicolas, Alexander and Zachary, Ella and Emma, Faith and Hope, and Isaac and Isaiah.

Within individual states, the names Jacob, Emma, Emily and Michael almost always fall into the top 10, with Emma being, in many states, among the top 5. In more heavily populated states, Jose and Isabella are quite popular, as are Tyler and Ryan.