Making a Baby Diaper Wreath

Baby diaper wreaths are also an extremely helpful gift to new Moms and dads. What you'll need: a 12 inch Styrofoam wreath and something to hang the wreath with, about 15-18 size 1 baby diapers, curling ribbon in a variety of 4 colors, and little baby trinkets to decorate the wreath with, ie. baby lotion, a toy, a bib.

Next, you will need to pick a base color for the curling ribbon, cut 20 pieces of this, about 24 inches long each. Now take the three remaining colors of ribbon and cut 6 pieces of those colors, 24 inches long each. Next, take a baby diaper and open it up. Wrap the bottom part around the wreath. This way, the design and stickers with be exposed. Secure this will your base color string. Repeat this step until your wreath is filled with baby diapers. After this step, you can decide where to put each baby item. You want the items to be balance, since it is a round wreath, it may tip if you don't. Attach each item with the other colors of ribbon. Try to double knot and wrap the ribbon around a few times. Once the wreath is filled with items, use the remainder ribbon in various places around the wreath to make it colorful. Curl the ribbon and TADA! You have a beautiful baby diaper wreath.