Diaper Genie

With a newborn baby, expect to be changing baby diapers at least 10-12 times a day! Phew! Where will you put those baby diapers without stinking up the whole house? You will need somewhere to dispose of soiled baby diapers! Many parents prefer the diaper genie to a plain diaper pail. The reason parents like the diaper genie is it provides strong odor and germ protection. Another reason diaper genie is so popular is that it is a diaper disposal system that is so easy to use. Diaper Genie individually wraps baby diapers in a triple-barrier liner that works to neutralize odors from soiled diapers. Diaper Genie also has a safety lid that keeps little hands from getting into soiled diapers and making a mess! Diaper Genie makes a great baby shower gift!