Cloth Diaper vs. Disposable Diaper

Most parents have to choose between cloth and disposable diapers for their baby and both just seem so darn expensive. Making a choice between cloth and disposable baby diapers can be a difficult task. Many claim that cloth baby diapers are more expensive than disposable baby diapers, but in actuality, cloth baby diapers are cheaper over time.

Many choose disposable baby diapers because of their convenience. The price of disposable baby diapers could cost 12 bucks for twenty diapers. Expect to spend between 75 and 125 dollars a month for your newborn, just on disposable baby diapers alone! Some parents have actually started a baby diaper fund during the pregnancy or even started buying diapers. Most stores will let you return unopened packages of baby diapers, if need be. Because of the high cost of baby diapers, many parents choose to have a diaper theme to their baby shower. And baby diapers also make a great gift for new parents.

There are a few reasons why cloth baby diapers will save your wallet. One is that they are washable and reusable-disposables are not. Another reason is that babies who wear cloth diapers notice when they are wet more often than disposable diaper babies. Some say this will lead to earlier potty training-saving parents money!