How Baby Diapers are Made

Baby diapers could either be made out of terry toweling fabric or layers of absorbent cloth. Cloth baby diapers can be made of cotton. Cotton has a natural wax that sometimes makes it difficult to absorb wetness. Cloth baby diapers are usually washed with detergent and water, as soap can make the diaper less absorbent. Modern disposable baby diapers are usually made of a cloth-like waterproof exterior, a moisture-wicking inside layer, and an absorbent inner core. The inner core is usually made of a dried hydro gel. Early disposable baby diapers in the 1950s were made of layers of tissue paper, until the 1960s when pulp mill was used. This made disposable baby diapers quite possible for underprivileged families who couldn't afford them before. There is some controversy around the use of disposable baby diapers because of their effect on the environment. Some say baby diapers could remain in landfills for up to 500 years!