Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is more expensive, cloth or disposable?

A: In the long run, disposable diapers will be more expensive than cloth diapers. The main reason is because cloth diapers are washable and reusable. And some say babies in cloth diapers potty train earlier than those in disposable! Most parents do prefer disposable diapers because of their convenience-and they are cheaper in the short run.

Q: What causes diaper rash?

A: Friction rash is the most common rash. It affects all babies at one time or another. It is common on areas where friction is most pronounced, like the inner thighs or under the elastic of diapers that are too tight. It is a good idea to "air" baby out for awhile! Irritant rash affects baby's bottom. Generally, it comes from contact with stool enzymes or irritants such as harsh soaps, baby wipes, detergents, or topical medicines.

Q: Where can I buy a diaper cake?

A: Diaper cakes are available from a number of websites. There are also many "recipes" online on how to make your own diaper cake. They can be a very useful gift!

Q: Where can I find diaper coupons?

A: Try diaper websites such as Pampers, Huggies, or Luvs. Sometimes Toys R Us has diaper coupons. Otherwise check your local supermarket or drugstore for sales!

Q: Where can I buy diapers wholesale?

A: Buying diapers wholesale is a great idea. This will save you time and money! And more time to spend with your baby when you don't have to run out to store every couple days! Costco is a great place to buy baby diapers wholesale. Also check the Internet!

Q: Why isn't safe to use Talcum powder on my baby?

A: Some say it isn't safe to use ANY powder on your baby. If you're treating for a rash, use cream. Particles from powder can cause respiratory problems for your baby.

Q: I am using cloth diapers and I feel uncomfortable using diaper pins-is there another way to fasten my baby's diaper?

A: Diaper pins make many people nervous. There are other ways! Many cloth diapers now can be fasted with Velcro or snaps. Make cloth diapers are also pre-folded for your convenience.

Q: Where can I find designer diaper bags?

A: Many Moms are walking around with the attractive and functional designer diaper bags! Check on-line for the hottest styles.

Q: Ok. Where can I find the cheapest baby diapers?

A: You can buy diapers wholesale at Costco, which would more money up front, but save you time and money in the long run! Wal-Mart and Target have cheaper diaper brands that prevent leakage just as well as Huggies or Pampers.