Making Diaper Time Fun Time

As many moms can tell you, changing a baby's diaper can be a challenging task. Most babies do not like having their diaper changed, and may fuss or cry during the process - which is never easy on mom! Creating a game out of changing your baby's diaper can make the task a little easier, and be a real bonding experience for you and your baby. If you're baby isn't too fond of diaper time, try playing peek-a-boo with front of the diaper. The baby will developing a fondness for the familiar white garment that mommy uses to play with. As your baby becomes more alert, try giving him/her a toy to play with. Brightly colored toys - especially toys with the black, white and red color combonation are distracting agents for babies - and are said to stimulate brain intelligence. Remember to always be gentle and never leave your baby alone on the changing table, even for a moment!