Baby Names for Both Sexes

As seen by naming trends in recent years, names that do not indicate the gender of a baby are becoming more popular. The names Madison, Riley, and Taylor are names that both boys and girls possess. Dylan and Michael are also names that are worn by both boys and girls, as are Pat and Leslie.

With names for foods and places becoming more popular, names like Apple, Sage, and Coffee do not offer any recognition gender-wise, and brand name baby names are also on the rise, such as Harley, Arden, or Bentley. Aspen, London, Phoenix, Cambridge and Houston are also non gender specific names that have been recorded as recently given to babies. These names are given seemingly as a reflection of the beauty the name conjures up as well as what may be the association of affluent recognition.

Darwin, Edison, Newton, Truman or Hamilton, even though their previous owners had masculine given names, indicates no real gender orientation when said in reference to a baby. A girl or a boy could easily be named Hamilton or Edison.

There are women named Hurricane and men named Daisy, as well as girls named Harvest and boys named Forrest. Heron and Sequoyah, River, Thunder and Cedar are all names given to girls and boys at birth that do not carry any gender recognition and instead focus on the beauty of the environment.