Baby Names FAQ

1. What was the most popular name for boys in 2002?

According to popular surveys, the most popular name for a boy in the United States from 2001 to 2004 was Jacob.

2. I am interested in names from different ethnicities. What are some popular Latin names for girls?

Some surveys indicate that popular girl names for Latinas are Isabel, Anna, Pilar, and Nadia. There are also Andia, Nuria and Gisela.

3. Are names for the environment popular?

Recent birth records show that environmental names are growing in popularity. Names that remind a person of flowers such as Iris, as well as names that reflect the less gender obvious beauty of nature such as Forrest or Cedar are becoming more prevalent.

4. Are there many girls named Emma? I am very fond of that name and would like to name my baby that if it happens to be a girl.

Emma is one of the most popular girl names from the year 2000. This name has been in the top 10, and in more recent years the top 5, for most states surveys.